Vladilen Kozin

Clojure(Script), Racket, Emacs Lisp, Redex, JavaScript, OMeta, meta-programming
Fall’13 Recurse Center (aka Hacker School) alum
UK Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa holder

Corporate ladder

Apr-Nov 2017

Senior Programmer at Droit (London, UK)

Same as before but with obligatory daily commute.


Programmer/Consultant at Droit (remote and New York, USA)

Building an expert system for compliant trading. Sneaking Clojure(Script) into unsuspecting financial giants. On any given day I could be designing DSLs, implementing compilers, parsers, rule-based engines, putting together simple browser-based GUIs and whatever else the startup life would have me do.


Programmer at Yandex (Moscow, Russia).

Officially a member of Search Interfaces Development Infrastructure group, but mostly I wrote backend tools for source to source compilation - engines to write your template engines. If I were lucky and did it right frontend developers would get to use my work and take all the credit.


Equity Derivatives & Structured Products Sales at Renaissance Capital (Moscow, Russia).

EM Structured Solutions and Derivatives Sales at Barclays Capital (London, UK).


Emacs Lisp

Author of multi.el - all things multiple dispatch for Emacs Lisp: type driven dispatch with protocols, ad-hoc polymorphism with multi-methods, pattern-matching and destructuring without noise with multi-patterns, case-dispatch with multi-defuns, benchmarking with multi-benchmarks.


Author of tilda an opinionated threading macro with self-documenting hole-markers, clause level keyword options and an implicit escape continuation.

Author of prelude that extends Racket with generic associative API, Lua-style meta-tables for prototypal inheritance and more.

Author of ponzi - the beginnings of a clever Scheme for a discerning smart contract builder. WIP but it does implement the Ethereum Virtual Machine close enough to the Yellow Paper.

Author of ometa-racket, a mostly complete Racket implementation of OMeta - OO pattern-matching language that extends PEGs with ability to handle left-recursive rules and match structured data.

Author of skish, a mostly futile attempt at porting Olin Shivers’ wonderful scsh to Racket. scsh is a non-interactive Unix shell embedded within Scheme (originally Scheme48).

Contributor to Racket the language.


Author of several closed-source products: FpML message parser, financial derivatives classifier based on ISDA taxonomies, legal annotation tools, PDF and XML content extractor and transformation tools.

Author of bot - a crypto-currency arbitrager that could talk to several exchanges including Bitfinex and GDAX. It uses Clojure Spec to parse and validate protocol messages and aleph for async communication and concurrency.

Author of playrum - just getting the taste for React in ClojureScript.

Contributor to seqexp, regular expressions for Clojure sequences.


Author of bemhtml-syntax, a syntax converter for BEMHTML - an XSLT inspired templating language - part of BEM methodology of frontend development.

Author of bemhtml-source-convert, a best effort compiler from BEMHTML templates to BH templates.

Author of xjst-more, an XJST-based compiler for BEMHTML templates that facilitates incremental compilation of templates potentially on the Client. WIP.

Contributor to ometa-js, a JavaScript implementation of OMeta.

Contributor to bem-xjst, XJST-based compiler for BEMHTML templates.

Public Speaking

Jul 2019

talk at RacketCon’19 (Salt Lake City, USA)

due Sep 2019
talk accepted for Strange Loop’19 (St. Louis, USA)

Formal education


Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics (Moscow, Russia)
PhD track in Applied Mathematics, dropped out


New Economic School (Moscow, Russia)
MS in Economics track with full scholarship, dropped out

Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia)
MS in Theoretical Mechanics and Applied Mathematics.



Language-oriented Programming and Language Building
The Racket Summer School 2018 (Salt Lake City, USA)


Redex for designing operational semantics
The Racket Summer School of Semantics and Languages (Salt Lake City, USA)

While targeted at PL PhDs a bunch of us non-academic types had been admitted. Learnt to create languages quickly and back them up with runnable reduction semantics - what’s not to like?


Introduction to Probability, [Certificate 94%]
MIT for edX

Because it’s awesome.


Paradigms of Computer Programming 1, [Certificate1 94%]
Paradigms of Computer Programming 2, [Certificate2 97%]
Université catholique de Louvain for edX

How I was introduced to concurrency, multi-paradigm programming and delightful paradigms that so far seem to exist only in academic setting. Taught by Peter Van Roy and is based on his classical Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming.


Hardware/Software Interface, [Certificate 89.6%]
University of Washington for Coursera

How I was introduced to systems programming. Essentially an Introduction to Computer Systems course as taught at Carnegie Mellon with the same course-load and text Computer Systems: A Programmer’s Perspective by Bryant and O’Hallaron.


Programming Languages, [Certificate]
Brown University

How I was introduced to creating PLs. Taught by Shriram Krishnamurthi based on his wonderful PLAI text. My solutions - a sequence of interpreters for progressively more complex languages: all the way to OOP, CPS transforms and type checkers.


How to Design Programs by Matthias Felleisen et al.

How I was introduced to programming. Assorted solutions to HtDP.


Russian, English
Equally uncomfortable.
What I get to use on the job. Can’t complain.
Favorite Lisp. Would be my weapon of choice were such choice ever offered.
Emacs Lisp
Unavoidable Lisp for any Emacs user. It is surprisingly fun to code.
Wrote fair amount, mostly backend compiler stuff with Node.js.
Extensive experience writing parsers with complex and context dependent grammars.
Can implement executable semantics for your pet-language or DSL.
Enough to write a Clojure wrapper with necessary bindings.
Enough to pass a systems programming class but not nearly enough to actually use it.
Factor, OCaml, Lua, Rust, Shen
Toyed with but never used in earnest. I ported some good ideas from Lua to Racket and contributed a patch to racer-rust.

Activities and interests

Most of my activities and interests these days involve boxes with lights and buttons. Even so there were reports of me cycling, bouldering, surfing, roller-skating, skiing and more. Having owned a sports car I’ll choose a bicycle every time.

Lived in the UK, US, Hungary, Spain and far more exotic places. Crossed the US from Mexico to Canada twice with the current state count of 19.

• +44 7494979 626 • London, UK
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